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Hi guys its Tom here I’ve been an active member at desperate housewife for a few years now and I’m married to the gorgeous Sophie, we have been wed 12 years now and have a special relationship that you don’t come across every day, you see we are regular wife swappers and love inviting single men/ couples into our bedrooms from time to time and having lots of dirty fun with complete strangers I never get bored of watching other men sleeping with my wife its a huge turn on for me and when they have had their wicked way with her me & Sophie have amazing sex straight after. Over the last 5 or 6 years Sophie has gone on to sleep with numerous men at swinger parties, local wife swaps, out dogging and so on you could say she’s a naughty exhibitionist who loves being the centre of attention where as me I’m more quieter than my wife I love nothing more than sharing her out and enjoying the odd fuck with another mans missus from time to time.

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